About Us

We are based in Hillsboro Oregon and we love our pets and our guns. We are here to give gun lovers and pet lovers the perfect gifts that are unique solely to them! Each item is handcrafted by our in house artists. 

We started engraving long before Maezer's Lasers was founded. We believe in high quality unique products with the utmost satisfaction of our customers. 

No one else in the industry does what we do, we are the only ones that are capable of taking your firearm and creating a sketch style engravable image. It's extremely unique and special to each person. Each customization comes with custom text. We always recommend listing any modifications to your guns if you are unable to come up with any custom text. 

Our items are perfect for birthday gifts, fathers day gifts, mothers day gifts, christmas gifts, valentines day gifts, graduations, or any other special occasion of gun lovers or pet owners!